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Giving to CESA

CESA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the laws of South Carolina and the United States.

CESA is not only the largest youth soccer club in South Carolina, but we also have built and maintain the largest soccer complex in the state. The MeSA and Wenwood soccer complexes are the result of a public-private partnership with the Greenville County Recreation Department and the City of Greenville. CESA provides over $60,000 annually in need-based financial assistance for children who wish to play soccer. At CESA, we are committed to better serving traditionally underserved markets with respect to youth soccer as well as providing a level of services to South Carolina youth soccer players that is unprecedented in the state.

CESA has several primary sources of revenue; these include fees from our members, tournaments, sponsors, grants, and individual giving. We ask you to consider including CESA in any and all philanthropic activities that you may be considering. CESA gladly accepts directed donations made to the United Way and all forms of individual charitable donations including directed donations for specific areas the donor wishes to see addressed.

The simplest way to donate is to send us a check payable to "Carolina Elite Soccer Academy" with a note on the check specifying the fund to which you wish to donate. Because CESA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are deductable on your federal and state tax returns.

There are three active fundraising programs underway at CESA at this time:

The CESA Capital Campaign. The CESA Capital Campaign is a fundraising program for the establishment of the fields and facilities at our MeSA complex. The CESA Capital Campaign began several years ago in response to the challenges of completing our MeSA Soccer Complex and has enjoyed wide-spread support from our members. 


The CESA Scholarship Fund. The CESA Scholarship Fund is our on-going fundraising program for the funds to make financial aid available to youth soccer players who otherwise couldn’t afford to participate.

The CESA Women’s Soccer Advancement Fund. An individual donor who was concerned about the emphasis placed on women’s sports in the state of South Carolina contributed a large sum several years ago to be specifically used by the co-executive directors at CESA for the advancement of women’s soccer in the state.

If you have an area of interest we encourage you to contact us so that we can explore building a program based on your directed donation.

For more information concerning giving to CESA, please contact us. Thank you for considering CESA in your charity plans.


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