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CESA cannot operate without its sponsors. Each of our sponsoring companies has partnered with CESA to offer financial support, products, and/or services that are integral to CESA’s goal of offering unprecedented services to youth soccer players in South Carolina. It’s an incredible opportunity for a win-win relationship; as the largest youth soccer club in South Carolina, with members typically spanning across the state of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, and with top-level play across the Southeastern United States and beyond, our sponsors have the ability to send their message in a targeted manner to an incredibly attractive demographic.

For more information concerning sponsoring CESA, please contact us and we will send you the appropriate information regarding our sponsorship opportunities. We will never use your contact information for any reason other than sending you the information; your e-mail address and/or other information will not be retained.

We thank each of our sponsors and as always deeply encourage each of our members to whole-heartedly support each of our sponsors whenever and wherever possible.

For more information concerning existing CESA sponsors, please see our Sponsors page.