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Thanks to the volunteers who have taken the time to get involved with the CESA-GCRD " Kicks For Kids" Program

Many thanks to those who have volunteereed their time to help with the CESA/GCRD "Kicks for Kids" Program. We are off to a great start and enjoying the opportunity to work with so many future soccer...

Game Schedule for April 1st

Here is the game schedule for April 1st with both the Salvation Army and Sterling Community Center Hosting games.

CESA/GCRD April 1st Game Schedule


1. Salvation Army

2. Mt.Pleasant 1

3. Mt.Pleasant 2

4. Freetown

5. Sterling

6. Brutontown


7. Salvation Army

8. Mt.Pleasant 3

9. Mt.Pleasant 4

10. Freetown


CESA-GCRD Establish Community Center Based Training Program.

A Community Outreach Program has been established to provide training and development opportunities for aspiring players.

The CESA/GCRD Community Outreach Program kicked off with daily training sessions at Community Centers throughout Greenville County on March 15th.

CESA and the GCRD have partnered to provide soccer...