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Thanks to the volunteers who have taken the time to get involved with the CESA-GCRD " Kicks For Kids" Program

Many thanks to those who have volunteereed their time to help with the CESA/GCRD "Kicks for Kids" Program. We are off to a great start and enjoying the opportunity to work with so many future soccer players.

The CESA/GCRD "Kicks for Kids" Program is in full swing and we have had two great weeks of games at the Sterling Community Centers and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club. Our games start each Friday at 4:15pm and end at 6:00pm.

We have seen steady progress during our daily training sessions and appreciate the time given by the staff coaches, community center staff and numerous volunteers including our own CESA Youth Players. The young players we are working with seem to be enjoying the sessions and we are now seeing an increase in participation and enthusiasm for the game at our Friday matches.

We want to encourage any other interested coaches, players and parents who have the time and energy to become involved to contact us as we can always use assistance. In addition we are still in need of equipment so that these children can have access to the tee shirts, shorts, socks, shinguards and shoes that will allow them to continue playing on a consistent basis. If you have any equipment that you would like to donate we can guarantee you that it will find a home immediately and will be used. Please contact Andrew Hyslop at or Cindy Mattern at for more information regarding your participation in this great program.