Field Hotline: (864) 288-0980

CESA Greenville Recreation Program Overview

Spring 2021 Rosters Posted HERE


Include in email: Players Full Name, Age Group, Current Team, Requested Change

** We will TRY to move players in the order they are requested, but CANNOT guarantee a change can be made to fit your exact needs**

***If you are registered to play at CESA Anderson, CESA Spartanburg, CESA Tri County,  or in the

U6-2Day program your player WILL NOT BE LISTED HERE!***


Official CESA recreation uniform jerseys can only be purchased at Lloyd’s Soccer located at 1018 S. Batesville Rd. Greer Building 4B, SC 29650.  The phone number to Lloyd’s Soccer is (864) 848-6805.

PLEASE NOTE: All players MUST wear the official CESA uniform for ALL games. The team listed first (HOME team) on the game schedule will wear the RED official CESA uniform jerseys. The team listed second (AWAY team) on the game schedule will wear the WHITE official CESA uniform jerseys.

  • Players can have any number on their jerseys (or no number if they choose).

CESA Recreation Roster Sizes

U6-2Day: 10-12 Players

U6-3Day: 10-12 Players

U8: 10 players 

U10: 10 Players 

U12: 12 Players 

U15: 18 Players 

U19 (fall only): 18 Players 


It is encouraged for all parents to read and become familiar with the Concussion Procedure and Protocol.

Please contact the CESA Office at 864-329-1113 if you have any specific questions

in regards to the CESA Greenville Program