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CESA Supplemental Training Program

CESA would like to announce that Patrick Geraghty has joined our club and has taken on the role of Supplemental Training Director. He will focus on individual and small group training sessions and will be available to work with club members of all ages. Groups are capped at 8 players.  This allows for maximum touches while retaining the feel of a real game. Individual skills are incorporated with a focus on correct technique for passing, first touch, dribbling, shooting, 1v1 attacking and defending, and moving without the ball.  Players who excel may move to a higher level group to ensure they are always challenged. 

Patrick is a former professional player from Dublin, Ireland. He was a first team All-Conference selection at Hofstra University in New York and holds a degree in Exercise Science. He recently moved to Greenville with wife Tricia, daughter Jane and son Tommy.

Patrick can be reached at: or 917-560-4114

paddy g.

paddy g.