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CESA’s competitive program is a wide-ranging program designed to meet the needs of players that desire a more challenging playing environment than that provided by our recreation program. There is one primary goal associated with our competitive program: to enable each of our players to achieve her or his individual goals with respect to soccer. Since we service a wide range of players in our competitive program, this means that we must offer a number of different levels of competitive play.

CESA makes every attempt to field at least three teams per age group and gender each season. These three teams are determined during our open evaluation process each year and are selected based upon the coaching staff’s appraisal of each individual player’s talent coupled with the ambition of that player.

CESA’s competitive program consists of the following categories of teams:

  • ECNL Teams (U13-U19)
  • ECRL Teams
  • Challenge Teams
  • Select Teams

CESA provides training four nights a week. Each player on an ECNL, ECRL and Challenge team is expected to practice at least three times a week, while Select teams are expected to practice at least two times a week. Training sessions are 1.5 hours in length. 

CESA has a policy allowing players to "play up". In order to "play up" a player must demonstrate to our professional coaching staff that they have the ability and drive to make an impact within an older age group.  CESA has an open training policy in which players can train with other teams within our program in order to make sure that all of our players are given the maximum opportunity to reach his/her full potential. All of these policies and training opportunities are put in place in order to allow players with strong work ethics to have the best opportunity possible to realize their ambitions.

There is a correlation between the type of team and the league in which that team plays. ECNL teams are those that compete Nationally in the Elite Clubs National League. ECRL teams are those that compete Regionally in the Elite Clubs Regional League. Challenge teams are those in which the goal of the team is to at least compete in the SCYSA Challenge League. Select teams are those in which the goal of the team is to at least compete in the SCYSA Classic League.

Our top level Under 13- Under 18 girls teams will play within the Elite Clubs National League ( ECNL ) and these teams compete in the ECNL Mid-Atlantic Conference. More detailed information regarding the ECNL can be found via our ECNL dropdown menu.

In keeping with our primary goal of enabling each of our players to achieve her or his individual goals with respect to soccer, it is the goal of our ECNL teams to be highly competitive in the ECNL with the goal of competing for and winning national championships. This is a difficult task, and yet one from which we don’t shrink; after all, if we’re going to provide the challenges and resulting opportunities that our players deserve, we have to be willing to dream as big as they do. After all, not many of our players will end up playing professionally - but helping each to learn to dream and to work hard to achieve that dream is something that will stay with that player forever.

To learn more about the Player's Progression through the CESA Program from U6-U19 click HERE.

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